Elizabeth Darlin

I am currently a second year Kindergarten teacher at Pershing Elementary School in District 86. Working with the students at Pershing Elementary School, I have first-hand experience of the educational potential these students possess and the positive atmosphere they create in the Joliet community on a daily basis. I am passionate about the work Strong Kids, Strong City is striving to accomplish, because we have a vision to partner with our students so they can take control of their education. No student should be concerned about how they will obtain the supplies needed for school, but rather the considerable impact they can make using those supplies.  

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Seth Major

As a substitute teacher, spouse of a teacher, and son of a teacher, I have seen first-hand the impact that positive support has on a student's educational success. This is why I am so thrilled to be part of the Strong Kids, Strong City team: to see that every Joliet student gets a shot at positively impacting their community. I don't believe that the children are the future, I believe that they are the present, and there is no better time or reason to invest in the educational career of our students. Let's keep dreaming big! (I blog @ sethmajor.com)

Tai Major

I have taught Fifth grade for two years and have seen the impact of students being prepared for their first day of school. They may be nervous to meet their new teacher or new classmates but they are confident when they have what they need to settle into their new 'school home.' I love the vision of Strong Kids, Strong City because of the hope it brings students who haven't felt the confidence of being prepared on their first day of school. Knowing that generous people in the community support you and help you when you need it most motivates and enables students to go above and beyond in their classrooms. We are FOR students, and we are FOR Joliet!